Dear Parents and Students,   

Welcome to Pinecrest Academy South Charter School. Parents are an integral part of our school’s success and we gladly welcome your input and suggestions throughout the year. Your collaboration is essential in promoting our school’s mission as we continue to place an emphasis on the core values of a true Pinecrest Pirate (Passionate, Inquisitive, Respectful, Assertive, Team Players that are Empathetic). We expect all of our Pirates to Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful.

We are looking forward to a rewarding and exciting new year. On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff we assure you that we are committed to providing an innovative challenging curriculum in a learning environment that promotes individualized instruction for all of our students.

We are honored and thank you for selecting us as your School of Choice!
       All parents are required to read the handbook below. Print, sign and return the last page titled AGREEMENT VERIFICATION FORM and the Pinecrest Academy Inc. Contract found below.

Our Mission

PACS will provide a safe and nurturing learning environment in which all students are able to master
state and national standards. Through ongoing assessments, engaging activities, and collaboration with
students and parents, we will achieve student success.

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